“Sunday Alcohol Sales an Affront to Moral Values”

The town of Henderson in Kentucky will vote on whether or not to permit restaurants to serve alcohol beverages with meals on Sundays.

Support for maintaining the colonial-era Blue Law prohibitions against the sale of alcohol on Sundays is largely based on the religious beliefs held by some Christians. A typical letter to the editor of the town’s newspaper asserts that even discussing such an option is thrusting “an immoral sword” deep into Henderson.

The letter explains that “We believe the church plays a critical role in our nation, therefore we do not believe the historical documents of this country, our state, or our local government teach anywhere of a separation of church and state”

It continues that “We are opposed to Sunday alcohol sales because it is Biblical to do so; it is the fourth commandment to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

Opposition to Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages is frequently, if not usually, based on religious beliefs.


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