Anti-Alcohol Industry Career Opportunity

The Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems is looking for a new Executive Director. According to the official announcement, “The Marin Institute is an alcohol industry watchdog that works to stop the alcohol industry from harming public health. The Marin Institute is a national organization, based in Marin County, California that monitors the alcohol industry’s marketing and public influence activities, exposes its harmful practices and efforts to hide the truth, and mobilizes community action to counter the industry.” Because of its secure funding and resources “the Institute is poised to build on its record of success countering the alcohol industry’ s predatory practices.”

The position description emphasizes that the Executive Director is responsible for the developing and implementing the activities of the Institute “including monitoring the marketing and public influence of the alcohol industry; exposing the industry’ s harmful activities and efforts to hide the truth, and mobilizing community action against the industry.”

“The successful candidate must have demonstrated accomplishment in efforts to change industry behavior (i.e. tobacco, firearms, etc.), influence social/public policy and shift public opinion. Significant experience working as a watchdog of corporate bad acts, with a record of success using media advocacy and other counter marketing techniques to weaken an industry adversary and change behavior” is a required qualification.

The successful candidate should also have the “Demonstrated ability to represent the Institute and deliver key 'counter industry' messages in media interviews, fundraising pitches and public speaking opportunities.”

There are usually two sides to every important issue or controversy. So apparently the successful candidate will need to leave all objectivity, critical thinking, open-mindedness, independent judgment, and personal integrity at the door.


  • Job Opportunities listing on Marin Institute website (, April, 2006.