Wet / Dry Alcoholic Beverage Sales Election in Texas

Sale of beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores would become legal in a large area of northern Dallas County in Texas if a referendum is approved. The area was voted dry (prohibition) in 1877 and since that time has become a hodgepodge of  conflicting and confusing laws concerning alcohol sales.

Lawyers for a group that seeks an election and that says it has obtained the required number of signatures  will ask an appeals court to order the Dallas County commissioners to “fulfill their duty to call the election.”

Some commissioners argue that the petition is “vague and unclear” but lawyer Art Anderson, representing Dallas Area Residents for Retail Change, says “There’s no question that the petitions were valid” and therefore believes he can show that a local option election is now mandatory.


  • Krause, Kevin. Alcohol backers to ask court to require election. Dallas Morning News, February 20, 2007.

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