Drinking Alcohol Reduces Aggressive Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality Risks

Drinking doesn’t not appear to be associated with overall incidence of prostate cancer risk. However, men who drink alcohol at light or moderate levels have a 34% lower risk of aggressive prostate cancers and a 44% lower risk of mortality from those cancers. This is the only possible way of reducing the risk of aggressive prostate cancer that has been reported. However, additional research is needed.

Neither the type of alcoholic beverage consumed (beer, wine, or distilled spirits) nor the pattern of drinking was significantly associated with prostate cancer risk.

The study followed 16,872 men aged 27-70 at the time of recruitment from 1994 through 2003.


  • Baglietto, L., et al. Alcohol consumption and prostate cancer risk: Results from the Melbourne collaborative cohort study. International Journal of Cancer, 2006, 119(6), 1501-1505.

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