Drinking Alcohol Protects against Low Bone Density and Osteoporotic Fractures

Moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with increased bone density and reduced risk of fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Researchers examined the evidence from 33 studies that met quality standards for inclusion in the analysis. They found that alcohol consumption

  • increased femoral neck bone density for each drink per day over the range of 0-3 drinks per day,
  • reduced the risk for hip fracture with increasing quantities consumed, and
  • was generally associated with reduced bone loss over time, compared to abstention from alcohol.

The researchers concluded that these findings are consistent with the current recommendations for alcohol consumption.

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  • Karina M. Berg, Hillary V. Kunins, Jeffrey L. Jackson, Shadi Nahvi, Amina Chaudhry, Kenneth A. Harris, Rubina Malik & Julia H. Arnsten. Association Between Alcohol Consumption and Both Osteoporotic Fracture and Bone Density
    The American Journal of Medicine, 2008 (May), 121(5), 406-418.

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