Alcohol after a Heart Attack Beneficial

Research suggests that moderate alcohol consumption can aid already-diseased hearts in men.

Among men who have had previous heart attacks, "moderate alcohol intake was associated with a significant decrease in total mortality," with those drinking two to six drinks a week at the lowest risk for dying compared to nondrinkers.

The study of over 85,000 men for a five year period, which used data from the Harvard University Physicians' Health Study, was reported in The Lancet. The Harvard researchers also found that their younger subjects experienced the same health benefits from alcohol as their older subjects.

Of course, anyone who has had a heart attack should discuss the use of alcohol with a physician or other qualified health care professional.


  • Gaziano, J., et al. Potential mortality benefits for drinkers with previous heart attacks. The Lancet, 1998, 352, M 1882-1885.

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