Drinking Alcohol Reduces Coronary Vascular Disease(CVD) Risk

Analysis of alcohol consumption of 18,455 males from the Physicians Health Study revealed that those originally consuming one drink per week or less who increased their consumption to six drinks per week or less has a 29% reduction in CVD risk compared to those who did not increase their consumption. Men originally consuming 1-6 drinks per week who increased their consumption moderately has a 15% decrease in CVD risk compared to those who made no change.

While moderate consumption of alcohol tends to be associated with numerous health benefits including longer life, heavy consumption tends to be associated with negative health consequences and should be avoided. Moderation is the key.


  • Sesso, H.D., et al. Seven -year changes in alcohol consumption and subsequent risk of cardiovascular disease in men. Archives of Internal Medicine, 2001, 160, 2505-2612.

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