Alcohol Helpful after Stenting

Moderate drinking may help patients recover from coronary stenting to open blocked arteries, according to new research. Stenting involves using a very small tube to open remove blockages from arteries. The consumption of alcohol appears to promote healing by inhibiting inflammation.

Researchers analyzed data on alcohol beverage consumption, an inflammatory protein (CRP), and mortality in 483 subjects who underwent coronary stenting.

By the end of four years, 23% of the patients were readmitted for chest pain, had a heart attack, or died from heart-related causes. Moderate alcohol consumption reduced the risk of each of these undesirable outcomes so long as the patient’s CRP level was above a certain level.

It appears that moderate alcoholic beverage consumption may promote heart health by reducing inflammation, in addition to reducing clotting, reducing “bad “cholesterol, increasing “good" cholesterol, and other means identified by medical researchers.


  • Zairis, M.N., et al. C Reactive protein, moderate alcohol consumption, and long term prognosis after successful coronary stenting: four year results from the GENERATION study. Heart, 2004, 90, 419-424.

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