American Heart Association Dietary Guidelines

The American Heart Association has updated its Guidelines, which are designed to reduce the risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases.


  Advice Specifics
Exercise 30 minutes each day 60 min/day to lose weight
Alcohol Up to 1 per/day for women; 2 per/day for men 1 drink = 12 oz. beer; 4 oz wine; 1.5 oz distilled spirits
Cholesterol <300 milligrams/day 1 egg yolk = 275 mgs.
Fish Eat at least twice/week No fried fish or seafood
Fruit 4-5 servings per day The more varied the better
Grains 6-8 servings per day Eat whole grain products only
Salt <1,500 mg/day <1,500 for African American, adults over 50 and those with high blood pressure.
Eat more Replace fatty meats with soy products to reduce fat intake.
Sugar Minimize consumption Avoid products with added sugar
Vegetables 4-5 servings daily The more varied the better
Vitamin Supplements
Skip folate, B vitamins and vitamin E No evidence they lower cholesterol or heart disease

Although folate, B vitamins and vitamin E may not reduce the risk of heart disease, they are effective in reducing the risk of certain other diseases. For example, adequate folate (folic acid or Vitamin B9) consumption can cancel the risk of breast cancer by caused by consuming about three drinks per day. See, for example, Folate, alcohol & Breast Cancer Risk.

Always consult a qualified physician for all health and medical advice.



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