Goal of Coalition Questioned

The proportion of college students in Utah who have ever drunk alcohol has plummeted over the past six years from an average of 33% down to 21%. That means that four of five college students in the state are alcohol abstainers. Heavy drinking during the freshman year, when it is most common, dropped almost 30% during the same period.

Upon announcing these dramatic decreases, the Utah Alcohol Policy Coalition issued a five-point plan to battle underage drinking. It calls for a 43% tax increase on beer, further tightening access to alcohol by young people, increasing enforcement and punishments for youthful drinking, and preventing alcohol beverage ads that might appeal to those under the age of 21.

“When is it ever going to end?,” asked Utah resident William Christofferson. People asked the same question before the imposition of National Prohibition . The Salt Lake Tribune describes the Utah Alcohol Policy Coalition as an “anti-alcohol” activist organization.


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