Illegal Alcohol Stings

Police in the Texas town of Oak Park North conducted a sting operation against a clerk who allegedly sold a six-pack of beer to an undercover operative. The clerk was arrested and lost his job as a result.

However, the alleged sale occurred outside the city limits of Oak Ridge North. Therefore, the case was dismissed by the county judge, although too late to save the clerk his job. Police Chief Andy Walters complained that the defendant was guilty but “got off on a technicality.” He insisted that, regardless of the law, “if they are selling to kids who are bringing it back into my city, I’m going to do something about it. Frankly, we’ll continue” to engage in these sting operations.

The case against another man arrested by city police a day earlier in a similar sting operation, also outside the city limit, was similarly dismissed by the court.

It’s very important to enforce alcohol laws but it’s also important that law enforcement officers and agencies operate within the law when making arrests. No one is above the law.


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