College Students Drink Alcohol with Meals

In order to promote responsible drinking, Colby College now permits students of legal age to purchase up to two alcoholic beverages with their dining hall dinners several time each semester.

"The purpose is education," said a college administrator. "The whole point is that the students recognize that you don't have to binge-drink or abstain. There is middle ground." Experts occasionally discuss some aspect of alcoholic beverages during dinner.

The Dean of Students said “it's a good way to show that alcohol can be handled in a good and responsible manner." She reported that "we've had only good comments” The College didn’t expect any problems because students have never misbehaved in the school’s on-campus tavern.

There have been no complaints from parents and Colby has received inquiries from other schools interested in implementing a similar educational program to promote moderation among their students age 21 and older.

The success of the program has led college administrators to expand the program to most Friday nights.


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