American Medical Association former Chair Urges Parents to talk with Teenagers about Alcohol

American Medical Association former Chair (president), is urging parents to mark “April - Alcohol Awareness Month” by having frank, meaningful discussions with their teenagers about the dangers of underage alcohol abuse.

Dr. Scalettar emphasizes that “while parents may think they have no impact on their teens’ behavior, teenagers consistently rank their parents as the most influential factor in their decisions about alcohol consumption.” Study after study has clearly demonstrated this fact.

Medical leader Scarlettar stresses that parents who choose to drink should serve as positive role models by drinking sensibly and in moderation so that, when their teenagers are of legal drinking age, they know what is appropriate and responsible behavior if they choose to drink.

Dr. Scalettar says parents can get additional information on addressing underage drinking from The Century Council,, a not-for-profit organization funded by the distilled spirits industry which is dedicated to fighting underage drinking and drunken driving.


  • April is Alcohol Awareness Month: Former American Medical Association Chair Urges Parents to Talk with Teenagers about alcohol. Distilled spirits Council of the United States press release, March 30, 2006.