Parents Want Apologies for Prom Incident

Thirteen students were ejected from a high school prom in New Jersey on suspicion of drinking alcohol after a water bottle containing alcohol residue was found under their assigned table. The senior class president was allegedly led away from the prom in handcuffs but shortly after tested negative for alcohol. Parents at the time repeatedly asked school officials and police to administer alcohol tests, which was not done, so that the students wouldn’t have to miss the rest of the dance.

Parents of at least eight of the students attended a school board meeting to protest the school’s action.

The president of the school board, faced with an angry crowd, read a prepared statement saying that "some" among the 13 tested positive for alcohol, but refused to say how many.

Hospital staff reported that those who did test positive had "only trace amounts of alcohol in their systems." The alcohol may have come from mouth wash or medications.

One mother said “They were given blood tests in their beautiful gowns and their hairdoos falling down and black tears coming out of their eyes“ and protested that "Our children were getting stabbed by needles to prove they hadn’t been drinking."

It’s important to enforce laws but it should be done responsibly and with protection for Constitutional rights.


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