Give Children Alcohol to Drink

Children from the age of five should be encouraged to drink at home to prevent alcohol abuse in later life, says one of Scotland’s leading experts on alcohol and alcohol problems. Age five is the minimum age at which young people can legally drink in the United Kingdom.

Jack Law, who is chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland and a member of the Scottish Ministerial Advisory Committee on Alcohol Problems, says the practice would reduce binge drinking among youngsters by taking the mystery out of alcohol. Law also stressed that parents need to drink in moderation to set a good role model.

Law believes current alcohol education policies are failing and says urgent action is needed to change Scotland's drinking culture.

Charles Metcalfe, chairman of the International Wine Challenge, said: "It's refreshing to see experts come out with an idea which does seem to work among our continental colleagues and, from my own experience, it's worked in my own family."



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