Oglethorpe University President Calls for National Debate on Underage Drinking

President Lawrence Schall of Oglethorpe University explains why he signed on with the Amethyst Iniative, a group of college and university presidents who are calling for public debate on underage drinking:

"As my mother taught me, the sign of either stupidity or stubbornness is to keep doing the same thing in the face of failure. Why sign? As a father of four and college president responsible for thousands more young men and women, one thing I know is that our sons and daughters and their friends, almost without exception, begin drinking long before their 21st birthday. Some drink experimentally, some regularly, and some to great excess. Abuse of alcohol is now a common occurrence in middle school. In high school, it is rampant and that continues onto college. I see the effects of this abuse every day, in automobile accidents, in sexual behavior, in acts of vandalism and assault, in academic performance. I know I don't have the answers, but I also know that the status quo has failed. I signed the Presidential Statement not because I think there is an easy solution out there, but because we need to be talking about solutions."



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