Duke University President Calls for National Debate on Underage Drinking

President Richard H. Brodhead of Duke University has joined the Amethyst Iniative, a group of college and university presidents calling for a national discussion on underage drinking problems. He explains that

"Possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages is against the law under the age of 21, and we are all obliged to uphold the law. The current law has not prevented alcohol from being available, and drinking is widespread at all American colleges, and at younger ages as well. But at colleges and universities, the law does have other effects: it pushes drinking into hiding, heightening its risks, including risks from drunken driving; and it prevents us from addressing drinking with students as an issue of responsible choice."

Dr. Broadhead notes that "This is not a simple question. But the current answer is also not an effective solution to the problem."

President Broadhead demonstrates that he is a leader unafraid to tackle difficult but important issues.


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