Related Links for Alcohol Problems and Solutions

To estimate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) under different conditions, visit:

The Drink Wheel

Drunk Driving issues are addressed on these sites:

Teen New Drivers' Homepage provides useful tips for safer driving.

For information on peer-based collegiate alcohol abuse prevention programs, see

Designated Driver Association

The Automobile Safety website provides valuable and practical information about drinking and driving.

Information on Social Norms Marketing is located on these sites:

National Social Norms Resource Center

Montana Social Norms Project

Social Norms 101 Primer

Want information on specific alcohol beverages?

For spirits (whiskey, rum, gin, scotch, and other "liquors"), go to

For beer, look at

For wine, the site to visit is

For alcohol equivalence, visit Standard Drinks

"A Consumer Guide to Recovery Options" provides excellent descriptions of both abstinence and non-abstinence recovery options. This useful guide is in Anne M. Fletcher's Sober for Good (NY: Houghton Mifflin, 2001), pp. 267-302.

Want help in reducing your drinking to moderate levels?

HAMS is a free peer-led support and information group for anyone who wants to change their drinking behaviors for the better. The acronym HAMS stands for Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support. (347) 678-5671

Moderation Management emphasizes self-management, moderation, and a balanced lifestyle. (612) 512-1484

Tips for Controlling BAC

Information on Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

Want help in achieving abstinence? Some of the choices are:

Rational Recovery Emphasizes a non-religious approach to recovery 1-800-303-2873

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery) Views addiction as a bad habit and uses common sense techniques to break the habit (216) 292-0220

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) Emphasizes individual recovery through rational decision-making (310) 821-8430

LifeRing Secular Recovery A free recovery group that stresses sobriety, secularity, and self-help. (510) 763-0779

Women for Sobriety Encourages emotional and spiritual growth 1-800-333-1606

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) The original and best known "twelve step" program (212) 870-3400 or local phone number

Al-anon and Alateen Al-anon (for family and friends of alcoholics) and Alateen (recovery program for young people) are both based on AA's "twelve steps." (888) 4AL-ANON

Help is also available for friends and family members

Al-Anon and Alateen are at 1-888-425-2666

The International Council on Alcohol Policies,which promotes healthful lifestyles, is located at:

The Century Council, which works to reduce alcohol abuse, is located at:

Other Links

United States DUI Laws

Responsible Hospitality Institute

Interesting and controversial ideas about addiction are found at:

Research on collegiate drinking (as well as drinking by women and history of alcohol) can be found at


Girls & Drinking