Social Norms Marketing Intervention Effective in Reducing Alcohol Abuse among College and University Students

Another research study has found that social norms marketing to be effective in reducing alcohol abuse among college students.

Approximately 2,500 randomly selected undergraduate university students participated annually in a survey over a six-year period. Over the six study years, exposure to a social norms marketing intervention was associated with a nearly doubling of those students who experienced none of ten negative alcohol consequences and those experiencing multiple negative consequences decreased by more than half.

Many studies have earlier reported that the social norms marketing technique results in significant reductions in alcohol-related problems among college students and others.


  • Turner J., Perkins H.W., and Bauerle J. Declining negative consequences related to alcohol misuse among students exposed to a social norms marketing intervention on a college campus. Journal of American College Health, 2008, 57(1), 85-94.

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