Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)

During the summer before entering college, 1,275 high-risk students (former high school athletes) provided information on weekly and weekend drinking, peak blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and negative consequences of drinking.

The students were randomly assigned to a parenting handbook intervention, a Basics intervention, a parenting handbook intervention and a BASICS intervention, and an assessment-only control condition.

At the ten-month follow-up, the combined parenting intervention/BASICS group reported significantly lower alcohol consumption, high-risk drinking, and negative consequences consequences compared to the control group.

The researchers concluded that the "findings of the present study suggest that the parent intervention delivered to students before they begin college serves to enhance the efficacy of the BASICS intervention, potentially priming students to respond to the subsequent BASICS session."


  • Turrisi, R., Larimer, M.E., Mallett, K.A., Kilmer, J.R., Ray. A.E., Mastroleo, N.R., Geisner, I.M., Grossbard. J., Tollison, S., Lostutter, T.W., & Montoya, H. A randomized clinical trial evaluating a combined alcohol intervention for high-risk college students. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 2009, 70(4), 555-567.

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