Alcohol and Cancer of the Penis (Alcohol and Penile Cancer)

Drinking alcohol and cancer of the penis concerns many men. But alcohol  and penile cancer are not linked. That is, drinking alcohol does not increase the risk of getting the cancer.

That’s the conclusion of major health groups. They include these

Alcohol and Cancer of the Penis

Risk Factors

Anything that increases the chance of getting a disease is a risk factor. Having many risk factors doesn’t mean a person will get the disease. On the other hand, not having any risk factor doesn’t mean a person won’t get the disease.

Known risk factors for penile cancer are these.

    • Age (especially age 60 or older).alcohol and cancer of the penis
    • Smoking or using other tobacco products.
    • Lack of circumcision at birth.
    • Phimosis. That is, difficulty in pulling foreskin back from head of penis.
    • Having HIV/AIDS infection.
    • Having papillomavirus (HPV). This refers to a group of over 100 related viruses.
    • Having multiple sexual partners.
    • Having a sex partner who has had sex with many other partners.alcohol and cancer of the penis
    • Not using a condom.
    • Having had sex at an early age.
    • Not cleaning underneath the intact foreskin.
    • Having smegma. That’s a substance that can accumulate under the foreskin. It’s dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil from the skin.
    • Receiving psoriasis treatment with the drug psoralen and UV light.


Possible symptoms of penile cancer include these on or from the penis.

    • Sores
    • Discharge
    • Bleeding
    • Irritation
    • Redness
    • A lump.

However, many other things can cause these symptoms. So it’s wise to see a doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Drinking alcohol is not a risk factor for getting penile cancer. On the other hand, the moderate consumption of alcohol is linked with better health and longer life. That’s compared to either abstaining or drinking heavily.

Moderate Drinking

Drinking in moderation has been described by a federal agency (NIAAA). It’s a man having four standard drinks on any day and an average of 14 drinks per week.

Standard Drinks

cancer of the penis
Standard Drinks

Standard drinks all have the same amount of pure alcohol. It’s 0.6 of an ounce.

There’s no evidence that any form of alcohol gives more health benefits. Or for long life.  Beer, wine, and distilled spirits (liquor) are just as helpful.


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