Alcohol and Dementia Risk among Older People

Researchers wanted to test drinking alcohol and dementia risk. In this case, they studied older Mexican-Americans. 

I. The Study

alcohol and dementia riskThey studied a group of people. They were aged 75 or older. It was an analysis of 1,255 people. All were Mexican Americans living in the U.S. southwest. They were tested for memory, language, and orientation. Also for attention, and visual-spatial skills. They had no dementia at that time. And they took the same test.

 People were grouped as 

    • Life-long abstainers (41.8%). 
    • Former drinkers (42.0%).     
    • Current drinkers (16.3%).

Current alcohol drinkers had a 37% lower risk of dementia than life-long abstainers. Former drinkers had a 15% lower risk than life-long non-drinkers.


alcohol and dementia riskResearch shows that drinking alcohol and dementia risk is lower among older adults. That’s been found repeatedly in studies of older non-Hispanic white people. This is true in the U.S. and other countries.

Researchers now found “the association between late life alcohol consumption and dementia risk among Hispanic older adults.” That is, just as in others, drinking alcohol reduces the risk of dementia.

Alcohol and Dementia Risk

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