Alcohol and Erections: Moderate Drinking Helpful

William Shakespeare suggested a link between alcohol and sexual performance. Of drinking alcohol, he said “it provokes the desire but takes away the performance.” (Henry IV part I: act 3, scene 1.) But Shakespeare is unclear. That is, he doesn’t specify the level of drinking that “takes away the performance.”


          1. Alcohol and Erections
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I. Alcohol and Erections

Researchers report that heavy drinking leading to a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may reduce the strength of erections.

The evidence about lower levels of alcohol and sexual performance are mixed. Over half the studies report negative effects of high BAC on the strength of erections. Yet the jury is still out on the matter. But a reasonable take home message would be to limit your drinking to moderate levels..

Having a low or moderate BAC also prevents a hangover. Learn more about the upside and downside of various alcohol levels. Just visit How Alcohol Effects Us: The Biphasic Curve Shows the Pleasure vs Pain Relationship of BAC.

Also it’s important to understand the importance of beliefs and expectations. What happens if people falsely believe they’ve been drinking alcohol? Learn at Alcohol and Sex: Links Between Drinking and Sex.

II. Moderate Drinkers Benefit Sexually

Australian researchers studied alcohol and sexual performance among male light and moderate drinkers. To do so, they analyzed data from 1,580 people in the Western Australia Men’s Health Study. The men ranged in age from 20 to 80.

The study had earlier reported that erectile dysfunction (ED) was widespread. The same is true in the U.S. The study found major risk factors to be cardiovascular disease (CVD) and smoking. Both of these cause blood circulation problems

This analysis examined the impact of moderate drinking on ED. Moderate consumption was drinking up to about four drinks per day up to five days per week.

The researchers found that moderate drinkers were almost 30% less likely to suffer ED. This was regardless of their age. Also, moderate drinkers who didn’t smoke were almost 50% less likely to have ED problems than smokers.

alcohol and sexualModerate drinkers tend to have better cardiovascular (CV) health than non-drinkers. This appears to aid the function of vascular organs. Of course, that includes the penis. So the the link between the moderate drinking of alcohol and sexual performance is apparent. Indeed, ED is also predictive of CV death.

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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

III. Summary: Alcohol and Erections

There is good evidence that a high BAC can inhibit a strong erection. Thus, it would appear wise to limit drinking several hours before sex.

alcohol and sexualOn the other hand, moderate drinkers tend to suffer ED much less often. They enjoy better CV health than non-drinkers. And this better CV health improves erections.

IV. Resources: Alcohol and Erections

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