Drugs, Alcohol and Sex: Drugs Added to Alcohol

Drugs, alcohol and sex. What happens when young adults who drink also do drugs? Do they have more negative sexual experiences within the last three months?

I. The Study  

Researchers1sought the answer. To do so, they studied three categories of people.

      1. Alcohol only.
      2. A second group, alcohol plus marijuana (pot).
      3. A third group, alcohol plus pot and stimulants.

There were 1,015 respondents. Their mean age was 19.

Researchers then compared alcohol and pot to alcohol only. They found that adding pot increased the risk of having a negative sexual experience. And adding both pot and stimulants increased the risk even more.

The research found that risk of negative sexual experiences increases with the number of drugs added to alcohol. Such experiences were not necessarily rapes or sexual assaults. Respondents simply viewed them in a negative way.

Another study2 found consistent results. People who drank only alcohol had fewer problems. Those who added pot or stimulants had many more problems. For example, they were much less likely to use fewer protective strategies.

Drugs, Alcohol and Sex

II. Resources

     A. Avoiding Negative Sexual Experiences
    • alcohol and sexPassivity can be seen permission. So be very direct and firm with anyone who is pressuring you sexually.
    • Don’t worry about hurting the person’s feelings. You are more important than that.
    • Respond physically if necessary. Push the person away. Explain what they’re doing is sexual assault. Loudly say “No!”

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C. Endnotes

    1. Lewis M. et al. Polysubstance use among young adults. Addict Behav, 138.
    2. Florimbio A. et al. Risky drinking in new adults. Sub Use Misuse, 58(2).

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