Alcohol and the Body Trivia: 12 Surprising Fun Facts!

Alcohol and the body trivia is fun! Discover surprising facts about alcohol and the body. Share what you learn with friends.      

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   Alcohol and the Body Trivia

  • The human body creates alcohol constantly. It can’t live without making it. The process is called endogenous ethanol production.1
  • The body absorbs alcohol faster from a carbonated drink than from a straight shot.2
  • The body tends to absorb alcohol more slowly from drinks that have proof lower than 30 or higher than 60.3
  • All vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to live can be provided by alcoholic beverages.4
  • The body gets about the same calories from a glass of wine as from the same amount of grape juice.5
  • Alcohol does not kill brain cells. To the contrary. Moderate drinking is associated with better memory and thinking skills.6
  • Abstaining from alcohol increases the risk that the body will develop heart disease. It also tends to shorten life.7  
  • Many health benefits from moderate drinking are reduced if alcohol is not consumed often enough.8                                                
  • Alcohol is anti-inflammatory. Having a drink or two can reduce swelling.9    
  • Gin helps the body get rid of excessive fluid.10 alcohol and the body trivia
  • Drinking lowers the temperature of the body. It seems warmer because it makes capillaries widen and hold more blood, which is warm.11
  • Your body will not get a lower reading on a breath tester by sucking on pennies.12 (Then there’s no sense in doing it!)

A Trivial Word on Trivia

Trivia is the plural of the Latin trivium. More than one trivium becomes  trivia. So, “Alcohol does not kill brain cells” is a trivium. But this collection is alcohol and the body trivia. So, should it be “Alcohol and the body trivia is fun!”? Or should it be “Alcohol  and the body trivia are fun!”?

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