Alcohol Facts are Dangerous (Should They be Censored?)

Alcohol facts are dangerous? The reader whose e-mail is below achieved success in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, only about five percent (5%) of its members do so after a year of attendance. AA is ineffective for most people. But there are effective alternatives. (See at bottom of page.)

The writer of the email thinks that alcohol facts are dangerous.

Email: Alcohol Facts are Dangerous

Dear Dr. Hanson,

I’ve read some of your website and appreciate your attention to detail. But while trying to show the truth, you’ve created serious problems. I assume you have absolutely no experience with alcoholism, or perhaps haven’t even read any NA/AA literature.

For a non-problem drinker, your take on alcohol makes sense, but to an alcoholic, it’s a message that’s very dangerous.

Alcohol is Poison

alcohol facts are dangerousI’m an alcoholic and can tell you that alcohol destroys judgment, causes serious physical damage and is a seductive poison.

Imagine living your whole life as a nightmare. Broken home, child abuse, homelessness, major depression, trauma, feeling hopeless, and seeing others happy. Then you become addicted to alcohol.

Eventually the same thing that once made you feel good is killing you. It’s destroying your life inside out. And the lives of your loved ones. And your life is worse than it was before you picked up that drink. You see this but now you can’t seem to stop. No matter how hard you try.

I can’t afford to forget that something as seemingly harmless as a drink could mean death. Or even worse, a life without hope or joy, a living hell. What it took to get me here was an absolute defeat and humiliation. The loss of everything I cared about, and the loss of myself, completely.

Lethal Drug

Being an intelligent person, maybe you could come to the same conclusions I have. And without needing to learn the hard way. I wouldn’t wish my life on my greatest enemy. It was hell, and I DO NOT see alcohol as any less than a lethal drug. Alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerfull. It is subtle. It waits patiently. And it is not class specific. Anyone of any race of any creed, homeless or billionare, PHD or highschool drop out, can become an alcoholic. And the ends are always the same for us. They are not pretty.

I don’t expect you to have read any of this. I only hope that one day someone reads something I wrote and is affected by it. Maybe even moved. There’s nothing worse than feeling separated and misunderstood by/from your fellow man.



Dear J,

Thank you for your very thoughtful letter and its heartfelt expression of concern about alcohol messages.

There are many societies in which virtually everyone drinks daily with very few alcohol-related problems. Such societies don’t view alcohol not as a magic substance that will transform lives into bliss. Nor do they see it as a dangerous poison that seduces people into lives of hell. Instead, they see it as a substance that can either enhance life or create serious problems. It depends on how it’s used.

Like a Rifle

Alcohol can be compared to a rifle. Rifles can provide pleasure to hunters. They can provide an enjoyable sport for marksmen. Rifles can provide food, can protect us from those who wish to harm us, and so on. Yet they can also be used to intimidate people, commit crimes, kill innocent people, and more.

Research shows that the moderate drinking saves lives. It saves more lives than its abuse costs in lives lost. Moderate drinking can provide many benefits but its abuse can cause many harms.

Harm Reduction

Therefore, I promote alcohol harm reduction. This involves such things as

    • Effective alcohol education.
    • DWI courts for those who are addicted.
    • Programs that help heavy drinkers reduce their drinking.
    • Ignition interlock systems to prevent driving vehicles while impaired.
    • Programs to help those who seek abstinence to achieve that goal.

We need to promote a society in which alcohol provides the maximum benefits. And one in which its abuse causes the least harm possible.

Best wishes for your continuing sobriety,

David Hanson

Alcohol Facts are Dangerous

Effective Alternatives to A.A.

These programs are based on scientific principles. They’re not based on religion, as is A.A. In fact, courts hold that A.A. is religious. But they’re not opposed to religion. In addition, virtually all are free, as is A.A.

Most of these programs help people either achieve abstinence or the ability to drink in moderation.

Wait! Those groups might be helpful to problem drinkers. But for alcoholics? See Can Alcoholics Drink in Moderation? Is that Possible?