Should Grocers Sell Liquor (Distilled Spirits)? It’s a Food.

grocers sell liquor

Should grocers sell liquor (spirits)? French grocery stores sell beer, wine and spirits, which is a logical place to purchase these products. Wine, beer and spirits are all foods. Both custom and food law in the Western World recognize them as foods. So it’s natural to sell them along with other foods, both in grocery …

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The American Whiskey Trail (A Top Travel Destination)

american whiskey trail

The American Whiskey Trail provides an educational journey into the history and cultural heritage of distilled spirits in America. It includes historical sites and operating distilleries that are open to the public for tours. Frommer’s has rated the American Whiskey Trail one of the top travel destinations. “We picked the American Whiskey Trail because it …

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Underage Drinking is Not a Problem (If Not, What Is?)

This is a staff editorial from the Daily Barometer, Oregon State University’s award-winning student newspaper. It argues that underage drinking is not a problem.   Underage drinking is not a problem. The problematic situation is over-consumption. This is a result of our society’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Overconsumption is everywhere in today’s America. Drinking is but …

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