Alcohol from 1700 to 1773: US Colonial Period History

  Alcohol from 1700 to 1773 was the end of the Colonial Period in American (US) history. During that time people increased the production of beer, wine, and distilled spirits. Hope you enjoy this timeline! Cir. 1700-1730. Hard cider often served as a currency in the American colonies.1 “Housewives in the northern colonies brewed beer …

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Moderate Consumption of Alcohol and Depression: Facts

alcohol and sex

Is there a link between the moderate consumption of alcohol and depression? I. The Research Researchers wanted to learn the effects of drinking. Specifically, drinking throughout early to middle adulthood and depression at age 50. They compared the effects consistent abstinence to the following.  Occasional drinkers.  Moderate drinkers.  Heavy drinkers. They did so by analyzing …

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