Whiteclay, NE: Prohibition Promoted Alcohol Sales


Until recently, Whiteclay, Nebraska had the highest per capita alcohol sales in the U.S. The village has only 10 residents. Yet its four beer-selling stores sold about 4,500,000 cans per year. That’s over 1,200 12-ounce cans per resident per day. Beer sales equaled over a quarter million dollars per resident per year. And some years …

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Three-Tier System of Alcohol in U.S. Causes Competing Interests of Producers, Distributors & Retailers

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The US repealed National Prohibition in 1933. Federal law then established the three-tier system. This mandates complete separation of alcohol production, wholesaling, and retailing. The three tier system means that producers cannot either wholesale or retail alcohol. Similarly, wholesalers cannot be producers or retailers. And retailers cannot wholesale or produce alcohol. This separation means that the economic …

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Asian or Oriental Flushing Reflex: Alcohol is Racist

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Alcohol is racist. It doesn’t treat people of different races equally. In particular, it discriminates against Asians. It’s often called the Asian or Oriental flushing reflex. A genetic intolerance to alcohol occurs most often among Asians. It’s generally known as the Oriental flushing reflex. The term “flushing” refers to the bright reddening of the skin …

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