Alcohol Tolerance May be a Sign of Alcohol Dependence

People sometimes take pride in their ability to “hold their liquor.” Instead they should see their doctor. That’s because alcohol tolerance may be a warning sign

alcohol tolerance may beAlcohol tolerance refers to a decreased response to the effects of alcohol. This reduced sensitivity requires that higher amounts of alcohol be consumed. That is,  in order to achieve the same effects.

There is some evidence that people with a family history of alcoholism may develop tolerance more quickly.

Reverse Tolerance

Heavy alcohol consumption over a period of years can lead to “reverse tolerance.” A liver can be damaged by alcohol abuse leading to a buildup of fat and scar tissue. This reduces ability of such a liver to break down alcohol. This means that small amounts can lead to a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC). So then is becomes easier to become intoxicated.

Alcohol Tolerance May be a Danger

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