Alcohol Trivia: Fun Facts & Myths about Alcohol and Drinking

Alcohol trivia? You’ve found it! Alcohol trivia and fun facts about alcohol are here. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in a tavern? That the  U.S. Marines’ first recruiting station was in a bar? Or that the world’s oldest recipe is for beer? There are hundreds of alcohol trivia for you to  enjoy.

So challenge your friends’ knowledge about alcohol trivia. And share your discoveries with them. It’s great fun!

Alcohol Trivia

Alcohol Fun Trivia
The “Star-Spangled Banner” uses the tune of a drinking song. Learn more alcohol fun trivia.

Alcohol and Drinking Facts in States across the U.S.
A brewery was one of Harvard College’s first construction projects. It was to supply beer to students. Read more alcohol and drinking facts.

Would You Believe…
Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alcohol to their students who choose to drink.  Discover more fun “would you believe” facts.

It’s The Law!
Sending any alcoholic beverage as a gift to a friend in Kentucky can result in a five-year imprisonment. Learn more surprising “it’s the law” facts.

Cavemen to Columbus
Distillation first occurred during the Middle Ages. People called the distilled spirits aqua vitae or “water of life.” Find more alcohol trivia from the time between Caveman to Columbus.

Puritans to Prohibition
The Puritans loaded more beer than water onto the Mayflower before they cast off for the New World.  Learn more fun trivia between the time of the Puritans to Prohibition.

Prohibition Trivia

Prohibition: The Noble Experiment
alcohol triviaMany people were convinced that alcohol was the cause of virtually all crime. So, on the eve of Prohibition, some towns actually sold their jails. Get more surprising facts about Prohibition.

Beverages: Ales to Zombies
There is no worm in tequila. It’s in mezcal, a different alcoholic beverage. And it’s not actually a worm, but a butterfly caterpillar (Hipopta Agavis). Learn more trivia about alcoholic beverages.

Health and Safety
All 13 minerals necessary for human life exist in alcohol beverages. Get more facts about health and safety.

Facts about Alcoholic Drinks: 24 to Surprise You!
alcohol triviaThe amount of alcohol in a can of beer, glass of wine, or shot of spirits is the same.  More facts about alcoholic drinks to surprise you.

Alcohol and the Body Trivia: 12 Surprising Fun Facts!
The human body naturally creates alcohol constantly, 24/7. Learn more alcohol and the body trivia.

Politicians and Alcohol Trivia: Fun Facts on Politics & Alcohol
George Washington was the largest distiller in the new US. Getting more politicians and alcohol  is a capital idea!

Alcohol Word Trivia: Fun with Alcohol Words and Letters.
Letters from ‘drink to your health’ can spell ‘ideal heart diet.’12 That’s appropriate. Drinking in moderation leads to better health and longer life than abstaining. Want more alcohol word trivia?

Bar Trivia

Bar Trivia: Pubs, Taverns, Liquor Stores.
Abraham Lincoln sold liquor before he was president. One of his liquor licenses is dated 1833. Collect more bar trivia.

Liquor Trivia: Fun Trivia about Distilled Spirits.
Distilled spirits contain no cholesterol, carbohydrates, or fats of any kind. Get more liquor trivia.

Beer Trivia: How Much Do You Know about Beer?
Abstaining from beer or other alcoholic beverages is a health risk factor. It increases the chances of poor health and shorter life. Discover more beer trivia.

Wine Trivia: How Much Do You Know about Wine?
Red grapes produce most white wine. Find more wine trivia.


So now you can challenge your friends with fun alcohol trivia!

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