Alcohol Word Trivia: Fun with Alcohol Words and Letters

Alcohol word trivia is fun!  


I.   Alcohol Word Trivia

II.  Alcohol Letters Trivia

III. Resources

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I. Alcohol Word Trivia

  • “Cwrw” is the Welch word for beer. The Welch  pronounce it “koo-roo.”1
  • Mai Tai means “out of this world” in Tahitian.2
  • What’s the difference between  whiskey and whisky? (Other than one includes the letter “e.”)  They both refer to alcohol distilled from grain. But whiskey is the usual spelling in the U.S. Especially for beverages distilled in that country and Ireland. On the other hand, whisky is the spelling for Canadian and Scotch distilled alcohol.3

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  • British wine is different from English wine. British wine is made from imported grape juice. On the other hand, English wine is made from grapes grown in England only.4
  • “Muscatel” means “wine with flies in it” in Italian.5
  • Isyammitilka means alcohol among Alabama Native Americans. And ksikonewiw means alcohol among the Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Native Americans.6
  •  If you fear alcohol you have methyphobia .7
  • Dipsomania is a word for craving for alcohol.8alcohol word trivia
  • A labeorphilist is a collector of beer bottles.9
  • The word alcohol comes from the arabic al kohl. It means “the essence.”10
  • It’s illegal to put the word “liquor” on storefronts in some U.S. states.11

 II. Alcohol Letters Trivia

  • Letters from “drink to your health” can be used to spell “ideal heart diet.”12  That’s appropriate because drinking in moderation is linked with better health and longer life than abstaining.
  • The letters in “increase alcohol taxes” can be used to spell “Alert: Halt excess excise taxes on alcohol.”13
  • alcohol word trivia“Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs” is a sentence that contains every letter in the English language.14 (“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is another.)
  • The letters in “whiskey” can be used to spell “key wish.” The letters in “spirits” can spell “sip it sir.” And those in “moonshine” can spell the advice,”in no homes.”15
A Trivial Word 0n Trivia

Trivia is the plural of the Latin trivium. More than one alcohol word trivium become alcohol word trivia. So, “‘Cwrw’ is the Welsh word for beer” is an alcohol word trivium. But this collection is alcohol word trivia. So, should it be “Alcohol word trivia is fun!”? Or should it be “Alcohol word trivia are fun!”?

III. Resources

Alcohol Word Trivia


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