Alcoholism Self-Help Information and Resources List

Alcoholism self-help is liberating. There are no meetings. No need to self-label. There are no 12 steps. No submission to any “Higher Power.” There are no demands.


I.   Alcoholism Self-Help

II.  Resources

I. Alcoholism Self-Help

Reading and following suggestions found in alcoholism self-help books makes it easier. This can help people either abstain or drinking in moderation.

Most of the materials listed here are especially useful to those who wish to reduce or moderate their drinking.

Important Facts

Addictions expert Dr. William R. Miller and a colleague examined at least 32 controlled clinical trials of behavioral self-control training. They discovered some important facts.

    1. Drinkers who seek help (including reading self-help books) to reduce their drinking are generally experiencing significant drinking problems. But they are not as seriously dependent on alcohol as those who enter abstinence-focused treatment programs.
    2. Drinkers who receive behavioral self-control training generally reduce their alcohol consumption. Usually by 50-70%. They also greatly reduce their risk of alcohol-related social and health problems.
    3. alcoholism self-helpDrinkers who  simply use a self-help guide tend to be as successful as those who receive outpatient behavioral self-control training.
    4. Those who are most successful in maintaining moderate drinking tend to have less severe problems and alcohol dependence.1

Government Research

People have an amazing ability for alcoholism self-help. More than one-third (35.9%) of adult alcoholics in the U.S. are now in full recovery. A federal agency (NIAAA) made the report. Its nation-wide research yielded the findings.

The fully recovered people have no symptoms. Neither of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. They either abstain from alcohol or drink in moderation. The vast majority achieved their success without any treatment or therapy of any kind. See Alcoholics Can Recover from Alcoholism & Drink in Moderation.

The bottom line. Alcoholism self-help can be highly effective.

II. Resources

alcoholism self-helpTwo lists of alcoholism self-help books are provided below.

Books on the first list are in WorldCat. It’s the world’s largest network of library content and services. It is the largest “library card catalog” in existence.

The second list contains those books for which information is provided on Amazon but not on WorldCat.

1.  First List of Alcoholism Self-Help Books

To learn more about a book in this list, simply click on the title. This leads to WorldCat. It describes the book and shows which libraries have it. It also provides information helpful for ordering the book from a bookstore or on the internet.

Alco = Alcohol

Drink = Drinking

How to change your drink. Anderson, K.

Responsible drink. Rotgers, F,. et al.

Over the influence. Denning, P., et al.

Sex, drugs, gambling, & chocolate : a workbook for overcoming addictions. Horvath, A.

Controlling your drink. Miller, W. and Muñoz, R.

Recovery options. Volpicelli, J. and Szalavitz, M.

Changing for good. Prochaska, J., et al.

Sober for good: new solutions. Fletcher. A.

Saying when: how to quit drink or cut down. Sanchez-Craig, M.

The miracle method. Miller, S. and Berg. I.

When AA doesn’t work for you. Albert, A. and Velten, E.

How to quit drink without AADorsman, J.

Avoiding Relapse and Choosing Emotional Sobriety. Berger, A.

The cure for alcoholism. The Sinclair method. Eskapa, R.

The addiction workbook. Fanning, P. and O’Neill, J.

The mindfulness workbook for addiction. Williams, R.. and Kraft, J.

The recovery book. Mooney, A. et al.

The wisdom to know the difference. Wilson, K. and DuFrene, T.

Beyond the influence. Ketcham. K. and Asbury, W.

Empathic attunement. Rowe, C. and MacIsaac, D.

No more letting go. Jay, D.

    Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Cognitive behavioural therapy workbook for dummies. Branch, R.

Ordinary recovery. Alexander, B.

How to stay sober. Christopher, J.

Overcoming your alco habits. DeSena, J.

Many roads, one journey. Kasl, C.

The art of moderation. Michael, J.

The miracle method. Miller, S. and Berg, I.

Controlling your drink. Miller, W. and Muñoz, R.

Alternatives to abstinence. Ogilvie, H.

Problem drink. guided self-change. Sobell, M. and Sobell, L.

The small book. Trimpey, J.

The better way to drink. Vogler, R. and Bartz, W.

2. Second List of Alcoholism Self-Help Books

The following books are not in WorldCat. To learn about a book in this list, click on the title. It links to to You can read about or order the book there.

Being Sober & Staying Sober by V. Morgan.

Overcome the Alco Addiction Problem by Z. Tresek.

The Alco Cure by S. Hall.

I Can’t Stop (drink), by M. Herrmann.

Cutting Back, by R. Cotton.

How to Stop Drink by L. Hemingway

Alco Addiction Relief  by C. Scott.

The Binge Drink Solution by B. Tideas.

Quit Drink / Stay Sober: The Easy Way by A. Verg

The 12-Step Buddhist by D. Littlejohn

Alco Addiction Cure by D. Collins.

Powerless No Longer by P. Soderman and M. Werner

Alcoholism Treatment For Being Happy Again by F. Owell.

Staying Sober Without AA by C. Deemer

How to cure alcoholism by A. Marrero.

How To Conquer Your Alcoholism, by D. Williams.


1. Adapted from Miller, W., and Munoz, R. Controlling Your Drinking. Tools to Make Moderation Work for You. Pp. x-xi.