Arrests for Intoxication Rose Sharply (More than Doubled!)

It’s upsetting to learn that arrests for intoxication rose sharpley. Specifically, it more than doubled within a period of only five years.

Intoxication is never safe. It can harm the drinker as well as others. Fortunately, increases in arrests are not uniform across the country

Arrests for Intoxication Rose Sharply

Bangor Maine’s Bangor Daily News reported on the number of arrests for drunkenness in the city. They reached an all-time high of 2,385. The number of such arrests more than doubled in the previous five years. Not surprisingly,  the paper’s headline was “STARTLING FIGURE.”  And that’s a reasonable assessment of the  distressing statistics. No other crime even came close. There were only 63 arrests for larceny and 50 for assault and battery during the same year, which was 1906.

We often think that drinking arrests are a recent problem. However, this example from serves as a healthy dose of reality. In fact, drinking-related problems have been declining since around 1980. This includes alcohol-related traffic deaths.


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