Bourbon Country Trail (Popular Destination in Kentucky)

Kentucky’s Bourbon Country Trail is a very popular drive. Travellers can visit six Bourbon distilleries located close to each other. They’re scattered among the rolling hills west of Lexington.

Bourbon has been a part of American history and culture for over 200 years. As a result,  Congress has declared Bourbon to be the official distilled spirit of the US. In addition, the Senate named September “National Bourbon Heritage Month.”

The Cable News Network (CNN) described the Bourbon Country Trail as a “Top 10 Classic American Experience.” It also aired a feature about the Trail.

In addition to the Bourbon Country Trail itself, visitors can enjoy these.

Bourbon Country Trail

Discover much more about the Trail from The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Click on the title to learn the nearest library holding the book. If it’s too far, use the Interlibrary Loan servive at your local library. The book also describes the new Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.


Bourbon country trail

    • Kentucky Bourbon Country Trail website.
    • Consider traveling the Country Trail. It’s both an education and a pleasure. And it’s an enjoyable part of our nation’s history and culture.