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Gateway and Stepping-stone Substances: What are They?

effective alcohol education.

In this interview with Dr. Andrew Golub, he describes and explains the popular but controversial theories of gateway and stepping-stone substances. He’s interviewed by your host, David Hanson. Hanson– Dr. Golub, could you explain the similarities and differences between the popular theories about gateway and stepping-stone substances? Dr. Golub– The idea that one behavior leads …

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Possible Drinking Problem? (12 Signs & What to Do)

possible drinking problem

It’s wise to be aware of these 12 signs of a possible drinking problem. But if  you think you or a loved one might have an alcohol problem, here is good news. • Many people have a problem with their drinking, but few of them are alcoholic. • Recognizing the signs of a possible problem …

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Alcohol Abuse

parental alcohol problems

What are drinking problems? How serious is alcohol abuse among young people? What is the trend in drunk driving? What help is available for alcoholism? I. What Is Alcohol Abuse? To some college students, heavy drinking that leads to vomiting is not alcohol abuse but simply having a good time and being “one of the …

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“Choose Responsibility” to Reduce Underage Alcohol Abuse

What is Choose Responsibility? Choose Responsibility is a nonprofit organization. It promotes public awareness of the dangers of  reckless alcohol consumption by adults age 18-20. It does this through a program of research, publication, education, and related activities. The organization seeks to stimulate informed public discussion about alcohol in American culture.  It promotes policies that …

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Amethyst Initiative: College Presidents Lead in Reducing Alcohol Abuse

The Amethyst Initiative is a group of college and university presidents across the U.S. They promote public discussion about the unintended consequences of current alcohol policies. This includes the minimum legal drinking age of 21. Amethyst Initiative presidents  invite new ideas on how best to prepare young adults to make responsible decisions about alcohol use. Dr. …

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