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Most Heavy Drinkers Consume Less over Time: Learn Why Some Don’t

what is alcoholism

Many people believe that heavy or problem drinking1leads to alcoholism. Or alcohol dependence.2 Researchers tested this idea. They found that most heavy drinkers consume less alcohol over time. First, researchers found problem drinkers through telephone screening. It was in northern California. Then they made in-person interviews with 672 people. The mean age of the sample was 35 …

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Prevent Alcohol Poisoning Deaths (Here’s How to Do It!)

prevent alcohol poisoning

About a half-dozen young people die every year in the U.S. of alcohol poisoning. That’s according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These tragic deaths are completely preventable. You can help prevent alcohol poisoning. Following the alcohol poisoning death of Samantha Spady, her parents established the Sam Spady Foundation. It’s to …

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Drinking and Sexual Assault: The Connection Between the Two

alcohol and sexual assault

Scott Hampton, Psy.D., explains the connection between alcohol drinking and sexual assault. Dr. Hampton is Director of Ending the Violence, a sexual violence prevention program. Drinking and sexual assault often happen together. According to some research, 30 percent of all sexual assaults occur when the perp is under the influence of alcohol. In some cases, …

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Alcohol and Domestic Abuse: Important Information

alcohol and domestic abuse

There is a general link between drinking alcohol and domestic abuse. That is, violence toward a partner. They often occur together. But does drinking cause abuse? Experts warn against jumping to the conclusion that it does. It’s easy to fall into the trap. That’s confusing correlation with causality. For example, the number of people who drown …

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Drinking to Defy Adult Authority (How to Prevent It)

reducing underage alcohol abuse

Most alcohol abuse education is ineffective. It’s sometimes even counter-productive. Often young people begin drinking to defy authority. It’s important that we effectively teach young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse. We must also prepare them to drink safely. That is, if they choose to drink when they’re of legal drinking age. Harm reduction …

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Kudzu and Alcohol: Is It Effective or Dangerous?

kudzu for hangovers

Kudzu and alcohol have a long tradition together. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has used the plant for over 2,500 years. Kudzu is a vine that flourishes in many southern states. It was introduced into the US from Asia decades ago to reduce soil erosion During a trip to China, chemist Dr. David Lee noticed …

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Moderation Management: Problem Drinkers Who Want to Moderate

Moderation Management (MM) is for problem drinkers who want to reduce their drinking. MM is non-profit and offers peer-run, non-12 step support groups. It’s an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). And to other 12-step programs which demand total alcohol abstinence for life. Courts consistently hold AA to be a religious group. This is a problem …

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Alcohol Self-Help Groups List (Free or Very Inexpensive)

This alcohol self-help groups lists free or very inexpensive groups. All groups are non-12 step. It has links to more information along with other resources. I. HAMS alcohol harm reduction program The name HAMS stands for Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support. HAMS harm reduction is effective in reducing alcohol and drug problems. This is …

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Reducing Alcohol-Related Problems: Learning from Others

In this interview, Dr. Dwight Heath shares some of his knowledge and insights on reducing alcohol-related problems. He is the world’s leading anthropological authority on alcohol and drinking. He has studied studied cultures around the globe. As a result, he understands how drinking patterns are related to the prevalence (or absence) of alcohol problems.  He …

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The Way to Reduce Alcohol Abuse (It’s Proven Effective)

There’s a proven way to reduce alcohol abuse. What’s more, its results occur quickly and it’s inexpensive to do. Dr. H. Wesley Perkins developed the technique. In this interview with David Hanson he explains how and why it works. Hanson — Dr. Perkins, your research and insights form the basis of a unique way to …

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