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Normalizing Alcohol (Should We Normalize Alcohol?)

Critics of alcohol advertising often argue that it’s normalizing alcohol drinking. So what’s wrong with normalizing drinking? There’s nothing at all wrong with normalizing alcohol unless a person’s goal is eliminating drinking in favor of forced abstinence. The hatchet-wielding Carrie Nation would have opposed normalizing alcohol. The Prohibition Party (yes, it still exists) would oppose it. The …

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Alcohol Ads the Problem? No. Learn Why They are Not

Are alcohol ads the problem leading to alcohol abuse? Dr. Levy explains why they are not. by Robert A. Levy, J.D., Ph.D. The state tobacco lawsuits had an enduring and corrupting effect on the rule of law. The legal travesty du jour involves yet another “sin” industry. This time the trial lawyers are hounding the …

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Effects of Alcohol Advertising (Very Surprising Facts!)

alcohol ads and underage drinking

What are the effects of alcohol advertising? Does alcohol advertising cause people to begin drinkng or to drink more? Could it cause alcohol abuse? These important questions need answers. And we need research evidence instead of opinions or gut feelings. So, alcohol advertising causes young people to begin drinking. It increases alcohol consumption. And that …

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Alcohol Abuse: Who’s to Blame? Producers? Consumers?

Alcohol abuse: who’s to blame? The answer to the question of who’s to blame for alcohol abuse is important. That’s because it suggests how to reduce such abuse. Wayne Wheeler Prohibition leader Wayne Wheeler had an uncle who repeatedly got himself drunk at local saloons. Wheeler tellingly observed “I could never understand why the saloons …

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Hypnosis for Alcoholism Treatment: Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has existed since ancient times. And also in many ancient countries. They included Sumeria, Persia, China, India, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire. The Egyptians and Greeks also used hypnotherapy. However, there is no evidence that they used hypnosis for alcoholism. I. Hypnosis for Alcoholism In using hypnosis for alcoholism treatment, the hypnotist leads …

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Alcohol Ads up 400% but Drinking Stays Same: Surprised?

alcohol ads

Alcohol ads are popularly believed to cause increased alcohol consumption. Why else, it is argued, would alcohol companies spend so much money on advertising? Good question. Companies don’t care about overall alcohol consumption. They only care about their own sales. Effective advertising can increase a company’s share of the market. Therefore, each company wants to …

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