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Effects of Alcohol Advertising

I. Background. What are the effects of alcohol advertising? Does alcohol advertising cause people to begin drinkng or to drink more? Could it cause alcohol abuse? These important questions need answers. And we need research evidence instead of opinions or gut feelings. So, alcohol advertising causes young people to begin drinking. It increases alcohol consumption. […]

“Keepin’ It REAL”: DARE’s Effectiveness (Facts Everyone Should Know)

The Drug Resistance Abuse Resistance (DARE) program is a very popular one. Teachers love it because police officers, not they, teach it. Administrators love it because it shows that they’re “doing something” about alcohol and drugs. Police love it because it beats boring patrols and night shifts. Students love it because it’s more interesting than […]

Alcohol and Cardiovascular Health (How Much to Drink for Good Health and Long Life)

I. Cardiovascular Health. Researchers summarized the medical findings about drinking alcohol and cardiovascular  health. They reported on several things. One was all-cause mortality. That is, death from any cause. They also reported on coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart failure, and ischemic stroke, among others. They defined light to moderate drinking as up […]

The Best Alcohol Treatment Program: How to Choose It.

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Treatment Program Selecting the best alcohol treatment program for you or a loved one is a major decision. But it’s not easy. Alcohol treatment programs are highly profitable. They bring in billions of dollars each year. But it’s also a very, very competitive industry. Each bed filled brings in […]

Hawaii Alcohol Laws: Do You Know Hawaiian Alcohol Laws?

Hawaii alcohol laws apply to the state’s residents. They also apply to the state’s millions of visitors. The state’s alcohol laws vary from some other states. So it’s very important to know Hawaiian alcohol laws. It can save a lot of unnecessary grief. I. Minimum Age Requirements Many young people want part-time jobs. Hospitality offers […]

Alcohol Ads up 400% but Drinking Stays Same: Surprised?

Alcohol ads are popularly believed to cause increased alcohol consumption. Why else, it is argued, would alcohol companies spend so much money on advertising? Good question. Companies don’t care about overall alcohol consumption. They only care about their own sales. Effective advertising can increase a company’s share of the market. Therefore, each company wants to […]

Unreliable Breathalyzer Tests: Innocent Drivers Harmed

Unreliable breathalyzer tests unjustly harm innocent drivers. Strict enforcement of DWI and DUI laws is essential. It increases public safety and reduces needless injuries and deaths. But we must prevent innocent drivers from unreliable breathalyzer tests. Unreliable breathalyzer tests can provide falsely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. In reality, these devices don’t actually measure […]

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