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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Are drinking alcohol and erectile dysfunction (ED) connected? I. Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction To study this question, researchers analyzed the results of 24 cross-sectional studies. These studies included 154,295 patients. Light and moderate drinkers had a much lower risk of ED. Such drinking was consuming up to 21 drinks per week. However, those who consumed …

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Drinking Alcohol and Handgrip Strength

Handgrip strength is important because it’s a useful indicator of sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a progressive and general loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. It often causes functional impairment, falls, disability, loss of autonomy, poor quality of life, and death. Is there a relationship between drinking alcohol and handgrip strength? A Study of Alcohol and …

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Alcohol and Risk of Dementia: Light & Moderate Drinking Reduces Risk of Developing Dementia

drinking and dementia

Dementia Scientists analyzed previous research on drinking alcohol and risk of dementia. To do so, they conducted a meta-analysis of prospective studies. Dementia has various causes. Therefore, the researchers included 11 studies with 73,330 participants and 4,586 cases for all-cause dementia. They had five studies with 52,715 participants and 1,267 cases of Alzheimer’s dementia. And …

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