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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Are drinking alcohol and erectile dysfunction (ED) connected? I. Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction To study this question, researchers analyzed the results of 24 cross-sectional studies. These studies included 154,295 patients. Light and moderate drinkers had a much lower risk of ED. Such drinking was consuming up to 21 drinks per week. However, those who consumed …

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Drinking Alcohol and Handgrip Strength

alcohol and strength

Handgrip strength is important because it’s a useful indicator of sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a progressive and general loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. It often causes functional impairment, falls, disability, loss of autonomy, poor quality of life, and death. Is there a relationship between drinking alcohol and handgrip strength? A Study of Alcohol and …

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Alcohol and Risk of Dementia: Light & Moderate Drinking Reduces Risk of Developing Dementia

Dementia Scientists analyzed previous research on drinking alcohol and risk of dementia. To do so, they conducted a meta-analysis of prospective studies. Dementia has various causes. Therefore, the researchers included 11 studies with 73,330 participants and 4,586 cases for all-cause dementia. They had five studies with 52,715 participants and 1,267 cases of Alzheimer’s dementia. And …

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Drinking and Dementia, Alzheimer’s, & Memory Loss

The relationship between drinking and dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s, is an important matter. It effects millions of people, their loved ones, and governments. Medical research has shown that moderate drinking reduces the risk of dementia. This includes Alzheimer’s disease. The alcohol can be beer, wine or spirits. However, abstaining from alcohol increases the risk of …

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Drinking Alcohol and Risk of Frailty

It could be expected that drinking alcohol reduces risk of frailty. That’s because drinking in moderation or even at fairly high levels reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. These diseases contribute greatly to frailty among older men and women. This study looked at patterns of drinking alcohol and the risk of frailty. Researchers …

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