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Coerced Substance Treatment: It May Backfire

coerced substance treatment

Many people are coerced into alcohol treatment. Their family may want them to go to AA. Or to go to a rehab. Sometimes a court gives them an option. They can attend AA or they can go to jail. That’s clearly coerced substance treatment.  In Sweden, the state can legally force people into treatment. That …

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Alcohol Abuse – What is It? Facts & Practical Help.

parental alcohol problems

What are drinking problems? How serious is alcohol abuse among young people? What is the trend in drunk driving? What help is available for alcoholism? I. What Is Alcohol Abuse? To some college students, heavy drinking that leads to vomiting is not alcohol abuse. It’s simply having a good time and being “one of the …

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Know about Alcohol Detox: Alcohol Detoxification

prevent alcohol poisoning

I. Alcohol Detox. What you need to know about alcohol detox (alcohol detoxification). Here’s information about what it is. Why it is sometimes necessary. What it involves. And more. Alcohol detox is the process of stabilizing alcoholics who have stopped drinking. This is sometimes necessary before alcoholism treatment begins. Detox is to prevent them from going …

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The Best Alcohol Treatment Program: How to Choose It.

drinking alcohol or using marijuana

I. How to Choose the Best Alcohol Treatment Program Here’s unbiased help for finding the best alcohol treatment program. Selecting the best alcohol treatment program for you or a loved one is a major decision. But it’s not easy. Alcohol treatment programs are highly profitable. They bring in billions of dollars each year. But it’s …

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Louisiana Alcohol Laws: Big Easy to Bayou – Know Them.

This page will help you understand Louisiana alcohol laws and avoid expensive fines or even jail. Not to mention time and embarrassment. Louisiana alcohol laws could easily effect you. In fact, New Orleans may give a false impression of what is legal and what is not in the state. Laws vary across the country. And …

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