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Breathalyzer Mistakes Poisoning for Alcohol Intoxication

Breathalyzers (alcohol brearth testers) are prone to error. This can lead to serious legal problems. However, they can also lead to seriously mistaken medical diagnoses. Case in point. A breathalyzer mistakes poisoning for alcohol intoxication. Here’s the story. Police found an apparently intoxicated middle-aged man in a public park. A breathalyzer recorded a 0.288 blood …

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Heart Attack Survival Increased by Drinking Alcohol

Research shows that drinking alcohol improves heart attack survival. This is true of drinking both before and after a heart attack. I. Heart Attack Survival This isn’t surprising. Drinking alcohol in moderation improves heart health. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This includes heart attacks. That is, myocardial infarctions (MI) or acute myocardial infarctions (AMI). …

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Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Fail a Breathalyzer without Drinking!

Endogenous alcohol is ethanol that is produced naturally in all living humans. The resulting blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is generally  low. However, auto-brewery syndrome is associated with very high BACs. It occurs after eating meals rich in carbohydrates. Although everyone has endogenous alcohol in their bloodstream, auto-brewery syndrome is rare. Its origin is in the …

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