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Detecting Intoxication: Difficult Even for Police

detecting intoxication

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies often assume that they’e good at detecting intoxication. They report that people smelled of alcohol, acted drunk, or sounded intoxicated because of their slurred speech. And such testimony usually persuades juries. However, research does not support officers’ self-reported ability to make such judgments accurately or reliably. Researchers have conducted scientific …

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Teach Safe Drinking to Your College-Bound Teen

teach safe drinking

Parents should teach safe drinking to their college-bound high school teens. Students also need to learn how not to drink and how to drink less according to Dr. Dwight B. Heath of Brown University. He is the world’s leading authority in anthropology on alcohol and drinking. Teach Safe Drinking It once was a happy time …

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What is Impairment? Drivers Need to Know for Safe Driving

It’s never safe to drive when ability is impaired. But what is impairment? Whatever it is, people are opposed to it. Surveys find that the most people consider impaired driving to be a major problem. It can result from any of number of things. Alcohol People know that alcohol can cause impairment. And impairment rises gradually …

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Breathalyzer Mistakes Poisoning for Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol breath testers are prone to error. This can lead to serious legal problems. But they can also lead to seriously mistaken medical diagnoses. Case in point. A Breathalyzer mistakes poisoning for alcohol intoxication. Here’s the story. Police found an apparently intoxicated middle-aged man in a public park. A breath tester recorded a 0.288 blood …

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Detecting Intoxication is Hard Even for Police

Colorado alcohol laws

Detecting intoxication is hard. Police and sheriff’s deputies may falsely report that drivers are intoxicated. They say the drivers smelled of alcohol, acted drunk, or sounded intoxicated. Juries are usually impressed by such testimony. Research Research does not support officers’ self-reported ability to make such judgments accurately. For example, carefully controlled studies testing police show …

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How Long Breathalyzers Can Detect Alcohol: Information!

Discover how long breathalyzers can detect alcohol. It’s easy to know.         Overview I.   Calculating Detection Time II.  Keep in Mind III. Caution IV.  How to Keep BAC Low V.   Have Pleasure Without Pain I. Calculating Detection Time: How Long Breathalyzers Can Detect Alcohol Basically, two things determine how long breathalyzers …

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Accuracy of Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs): The Truth

Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) are alcohol breath testers. They prevent a drivers from starting a vehicle if alcohol is detected in their breath. But what is the accuracy of ignition interlock devices? As such, they have the same problems  plaguing other breath testers. Makers gloss over the many faults of the machines they sell. They’re …

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Tequila: Myths, Terms, Resources, Brands, and Much More!

alcohol songs

What is tequila? How is it made? Is there always a worm in each bottle?         Overview I. Tequila: What is It? II. Common Myths III. Popular Books IV. Terms & Terminology V. Popular Brands VI. Distilleries I. Tequila: What is It? Tequila is a distilled beverage from the fermented sugars of …

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Alcohol Proof & Alcohol by Volume: Definitions, Explanation

Alcohol proof. What is it? Is it different in different countries? How did it get that name? You’ve come to the right place for answers.              Overview I.   Gunpowder Test II.  Alcohol Proof Varies III. Alcohol Equivalence IV.  Cullen-Harrison V.   Resources I. Gunpowder Test So what’s alcohol proof? …

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Hand Sanitizers Can Cause Falsely High Breath Tester Results

Hand sanitizers can cause breath tests to give falsely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings. Thus those who give breath tests can raise BAC readings if they use hand sanitizers. This can be a serious problem, especially in hospital. In most medical settings, people generally use hand sanitizers many times a day. These liquids and …

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