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Unintended Results of Drunk Driving: A Surprise!

unintended results of drunk

An unintended results of drunk driving? We all know that drunk driving has many unintended results. There’s the possibility of death (ourselves or others). Of course drunk driving increases the risk of injury. Or getting a citation. That’s both embarrassing and expensive. Let’s say you go to a party nearby and drink too much. Should …

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Cops Arrested for DUI: Law Enforcement Officers Arrested DUI

cops arrested for DUI

Cops arrested for DUI? How many officers are arrested for driving while impaired? No one knows. But Stinson and colleagues identified such officers during a six-year period. There were 782 charges that involved the arrests of 750 officers. They were employed by 511 nonfederal state and local law enforcement agencies. They were in all 50 …

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Drink Too Much Alcohol? Helpful, Practical Suggestions

drink too much?

Do you suspect you might drink too much alcohol. Many people do. Here are practical suggestions for either cutting down or quitting. There are also tips for helping loved ones who have a drinking problem. Useful sources of help for alcohol and drinking abuse problems are also given. Drink Too Much Alcohol? Could you or …

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Temperance Trivia: Fun Trivia Mostly From the Past

temperance trivia

Temperance trivia! It’s fun. Amaze yourself. Then impress your friends and family. Trivia A temperance “scientist” said that inhaling alcohol vapors could lead to defective children. And for three generations.1 Those vapors must be really powerful! A temperance newspaper warned of people who drink alcohol. If they gave birth to children, those will a inborn …

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Detecting Intoxication: Difficult Even for Police

detecting intoxication

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies often assume that they’e good at detecting intoxication. They report that people smelled of alcohol, acted drunk, or sounded intoxicated because of their slurred speech. And such testimony usually persuades juries. However, research does not support officers’ self-reported ability to make such judgments accurately or reliably. Researchers have conducted scientific …

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Alcohol Tolerance May be a Sign of Alcohol Dependence

alcohol tolerance may be

People sometimes take pride in their ability to “hold their liquor.” Instead they should see their doctor. That’s because alcohol tolerance may be a warning sign Alcohol tolerance refers to a decreased response to the effects of alcohol. This reduced sensitivity requires that higher amounts of alcohol be consumed. That is,  in order to achieve …

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Brain Science of Alcohol Research Findings often Confused

IQ and alcohol-related diseases

The findings of brain science of alcohol research can often be confusing. They’re also distorted. Many news reports and groups warn us that any consuming alcohol by those under age 21 harms their brains. They tell us that early drinking can Reduce intellectual ability. Harm brain development. Cause learning problems. Lead to permanent brain damage. …

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Kudzu for Hangovers: Helps Sober Up & Relieve Hangovers?

Kudzu and alcohol

Can people use kudzu for hangovers? Does it help people sober up? Background Kudzu is a vine that flourishes in many states. It’s very common in eastern and southeastern parts of the US. The government promoted it this Asian plant for animal fodder and erosion control. Chinese medicine has used the plant for over 2,500 …

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Alcohol and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis): Life Quality 

alcohol and RA

What is the link between drinking alcohol and RA (rheumatoid arthritis). RA is a chronic condition. It causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. It usually affects the hands, wrists, and feet. Symptoms typically occur on both sides of the body. For instance, in both feet or in both wrists. Sadly, there’s no cure …

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Alcohol Guidelines Fail: Self-Underreporting Is Usual

alcohol guidelines fail

Federal alcohol guidelines fail. That is, they’re too low. That’s because most people greatly under report their alcohol drinking. Suppose a study shows a medical problem may occur if people report drinking four drinks per day. That really means that the problem might occur if they have five, six, or many more drinks daily. The …

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