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Drinking Alcohol Kills Brain Cells? What Does Science Say?

alcohol kills brain cells

The idea that alcohol kills brain cells is an old one. The early temperance writers made this claim. They also insisted that the alcohol in their blood could cause “drunkards” to catch fire and burn alive.1 This combustion argument against drinking was dropped long ago. However, many anti-alcohol writers continue to promote the idea that even …

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Alcohol & Carbs (Five Myths about Alcohol & Carbohydrates)

drink for health

The subject of alcohol and carbs is usually presented by the media in a misleading or incorrect manner. That’s according to the author of The Low Carb Bartender: Carb Counts of Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks and More. Author Bob Skilnik says that descriptions of alcohol and its effects on blood sugar is usually wrong. The …

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Doctors Recommend Drinking Alcohol to Patients for Health?

Should doctors recommend drinking alcohol to their patients to improve their health and longevity? Moderate drinking is associated with better health and longer life than is either abstaining or abusing alcohol. That’s the consensus of medical researchers based on overwhelming scientific evidence. In fact, abstaining from alcohol is a risk factor for poor health and …

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Kudzu and Alcohol: Is It Effective or Is It Dangerous?

kudzu for hangovers

Kudzu and alcohol have a long tradition together. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has used the plant for over 2,500 years. Kudzu is an invasive vine that flourishes in many southern states. It was introduced into the US from Asia decades ago to reduce soil erosion During a trip to China, chemist Dr. David Lee …

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Alcohol in Cough Syrup and other Over-the-Counter Medicines

cough syrup

People are often surprised at the level of alcohol in cough syrup or other over-the-counter medicines. You might also like to visit Foods that Contain Alcohol. Alcohol is often a major component of cough syrup and other medications. To the right is an alphabetical list of many medicines with a high alcohol content. Medication % …

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Are Moderate Drinking Findings True or Bought by Industry?

alcohol prices and harm

A reader reasonably asks are moderate drinking findings true? She questions whether research on the health benefits of moderate drinking is funded by the alcohol industry. Question Hello Dr. Hanson, I am amazed to see so much overwhelming evidence that supports MODERATE alcohol consumption. I have grown up in a religious atmosphere that emphasized absolute …

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Alcohol Abstaining is Dangerous to Health and Longevity

abstaining is dangerous

Dr. Stanton Peele points out a simple fact. It’s that alcohol abstaining is dangerous to health and longevity. Abstainers tend to have poorer health than moderate drinkers. They also tend to die sooner. In fact, teetotaling is a risk factor for poor health and earlier death. Perhaps, he suggests, health agencies should warn the public …

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Spanking and Later Alcohol Abuse (Spanking Causes Alcohol Abuse?)

spanking and later alcohol abuse

Are spanking and later alcohol abuse related? And if so, how are they related? Study A provocative study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It  concluded that children who are spanked are twice as likely to develop alcohol abuse problems. It found that they are more likely to engage in anti-social behavior as …

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