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Alcoholic Athletes (Do Any of the Names Surprise You?)

alcoholic athletes

Alcoholic athletes? Of course. Athletes are people, and alcoholism cuts across society. It doesn’t respect occupation, race, income, or other demographics. (Be sure to visit Famous Alcoholics and Alcoholic Musicians.) Perhaps you’ll be surprised at some of the names. Please see the disclaimer note at the end of this page. Now on to the list …

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Tips for Entertaining Alcoholics in Recovery for Thoughtful Hosts

tips for entertaining alcoholics in recovery

Don’t worry about entertaining an alcoholic who’s in recovery. Here are some tips for entertaining alcoholics in recovery. There’s no reason to be self-conscious about entertainment plans that include a guest who is an alcoholic in recovery. The Caron Foundation offers some “recovery etiquette” tips for thoughtful hosts. Tips Feel free to serve alcohol beverages …

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Treatments for Alcoholism: Resources, Descriptions, & Links

holistic treatment for alcoholism

There are many treatments for alcoholism. Some are effective. Unfortunately, most are not not. And popularity is completely unrelated to which work and which don’t. Here’s a list of treatments for alcoholism. It includes descriptions of their effectiveness or lack of effectiveness. Statements of effectiveness are based on peer-reviewed scientific publications. Each heading is a link. …

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Many Doctors Reject Alcoholism as Disease (Theory Lacks Evidence)

Many doctors reject alcoholism as a disease. There are many public pronouncements that alcoholism is a disease. However, as Dr. Lynne Appleton observes, “medical practice rejects treating it as such. Not only does alcoholism not follow the model of a ‘disease,’ it is not amenable to standard medical treatment.”1 Dr. Appleton explains that “medical research …

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