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Moderation Management: Problem Drinkers Who Want to Moderate

Moderation Management (MM) is for problem drinkers who want to reduce their drinking. MM is non-profit and offers peer-run, non-12 step support groups. It’s an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). And to other 12-step programs which demand total alcohol abstinence for life. Courts consistently hold AA to be a religious group. This is a problem …

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Alcohol Self-Help Groups List (Free or Very Inexpensive)

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This alcohol self-help groups lists ones that are free. All groups are non-12 step. It has links to more information along with other resources. I. HAMS alcohol harm reduction program HAMS stands for Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support. HAMS harm reduction is effective in reducing alcohol and drug problems. This is important. Many people …

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Treatments for Alcoholism: Resources, Descriptions, & Links

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There are many treatments for alcoholism. Some are effective. But most are not. And being well-known is completely unrelated to which work. Here’s a list of common treatments for alcoholism. Each heading is a link to that treatment. Acupuncture Acupuncture has been a therapy for thousands of years in China. It’s rather new in the …

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Many Doctors Reject Alcoholism as a Disease

Many doctors reject alcoholism as a disease. There are many public statements that alcoholism is a disease. But as Dr. Lynne Appleton says, “medical practice rejects treating it as such. Not only does alcoholism not follow the model of a ‘disease,’ it is not amenable to standard medical treatment.”1 Dr. Appleton explains that “medical research …

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Alcoholism is a Behavioral Pattern Helped Behaviorally

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A substantial proportion of doctors in the U.S. believe that alcoholism is a behavioral pattern. They reject the theory that alcoholism is a disease. So they don’t treat it themselves. Instead, they typically send their patients to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA Beliefs In AA, alcoholics are taught that they Suffer from an incurable disease. Must …

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Is Alcoholism a Progressive Disease? What’s the Evidence?

alcoholism is a behavioral pattern

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and some others think alcoholism a progressive disease. They believe the alcoholic has no control over it. So the only effective treatment is complete abstention from all alcohol. The Theory The theory that alcoholism is a progressive disease is the foundation upon which AA and other 12 step programs are based. Writing …

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Alcoholic Loss of Control (Disease Theory of Alcoholism)

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In the mid-1930’s, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) began promoting the theory that alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholics latched onto the theory because they could see themselves as victims of a disease. Thus, they wern’t responsible for their drinking problem. Doctors, hospitals, and alcohol rehabs liked the theory because they could then be paid for treating the …

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Alcohol Rehabs and Money: Money Over Helping People

The alcohol and drug treatment industry is enormous and highly profitable. But it’s very competitive. To lure customers, many rehabs and retreats use falsehoods and deception. When it comes to alcohol rehabs and money, it’s often more about money. Helping people is of minor concern. There’s little regulation and deception is common. So it’s a …

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St. Jude Retreats, Scientology & Narconon: The Facts!

St. Jude Retreats

Allegation The Baldwin Research Institute owns and operates the St. Jude Retreats (aka Freedom Model Retreats). “Baldwin Research Institute — A Scientology Fraud?” appeared as a thread on the website.  The person who raised the question expressed concern that St. Jude Retreats were a Scientology organization that had “escaped detection.” In so doing, they …

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AA is Religious: Alcoholics Anonymous is Religious in Nature!

AA is religious. Court cases repeatedly find that Alcoholics Anonymous is religious in nature. As a result, no agent of government may legally require anyone to attend AA.  I. AA is Religious AA is Based on Religion Founders of AA were members of a Protestant Christian movement. It was the Oxford Group. Its members “practiced …

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