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Alcohol Guidelines Fail: Self-Underreporting Is Usual

alcohol guidelines fail

Federal alcohol guidelines fail. That is, they’re too low. That’s because most people greatly under report their alcohol drinking. Suppose a study shows a medical problem may occur if people report drinking four drinks per day. That really means that the problem might occur if they have five, six, or many more drinks daily. The …

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Drugs, Alcohol and Sex: Drugs Added to Alcohol

alcohol and sex

Drugs, alcohol and sex. What happens when young adults who drink also do drugs? Do they have more negative sexual experiences within the last three months? I. The Study   Researchers1sought the answer. To do so, they studied three categories of people. Alcohol only. A second group, alcohol plus marijuana (pot). A third group, alcohol …

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To-Go Alcohol and Drunk Driving Deaths: Is There a Link?

COVID-19, Alcohol, and Unemployment

Are to-go alcohol and drunk driving deaths linked? That’s a very important important question. A researcher decided to find out. Discover here what he found. I. Introduction To-go alcoholic beverage may be for curbside or delivery. It was temporarily made legal in many states. This was to help restaurants, bars, and liquor stores survive the …

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Reduce Alcohol Problems among Youth: Here’s How We Can Do It

mothers against drunk driving

We really can reduce alcohol problems. Here we describe how to do it. REDUCE ALCOHOL PROBLEMS  I. INTRODUCTION Let’s imagine how we might prepare youth to drive. We would tell young people that driving is very dangerous. Tens of thousands of people die in traffic crashes each year. And many times that number are injured. …

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Older Drinkers Are Healthier Both Before and After Surgery

drinkers are healthier

Research finds that older drinkers are healthier both before and after surgery. Those aged 60 or older who drank moderately or heavily had better health. This was in comparison to those who drank no or little alcohol. There were 628 patients. Of those, 397 were male and 231 were female.           …

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Generation Z Drinks Less Alcohol (Much Less!) or Abstains

mothers against drunk driving

Generation Z drinks less alcohol.1 That is, alcohol consumption by young people has dropped greatly. They are delaying the age at first drink, drinking less frequent, and so-called “binge drinking2 less often. In addition, the proportion of alcohol abstainers has increased dramatically. For example, in the UK “Having a drink within last week” among those 16 to …

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Impact of Non-medical Cannabis Legalization on Substance Use

Impact of Non-medical Cannabis

What was the impact of non-medical cannabis legalization on the use of other substances? Particularly among young adults? The Study Researchers focused on alcohol consumption, cigarette use, e-cigarette use, pain medication misuse, and heavy episodic drinking (HED). To do so, they used data from six annual surveys of a state-wide sample from six years. It …

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Control Your Alcohol Drinking: How to Drink in Moderation

control your alcohol

You really can control your alcohol drinking. A popular myth is that if you have a drinking problem, you have to abstain from alcohol. But that simply isn’t true Most people who have a drinking problem are not alcoholic. But even many alcoholics can learn to drink in moderation. For example, federal government did nation-wide …

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How to Help a Problem Drinker: Practical Tips.

drink too muck

A  person with a drinking problem usually has a direct negative impact on 4-6 others. Most people don’t know how to help a problem drinker. In fact, most feel helpless. There are also two common myths. The first is that anyone with a drinking problem is alcoholic. The second is that those who are alcoholic …

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