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Iowa Alcohol Laws: They Might Surprise You – Discover More

Iowa alcohol laws govern all alcoholic beverages in the state. The most important laws for most people are those about drinking. Carry Nation made history here with her hatchet. The state was very pro-prohibition. But today Iowa alcohol laws are very mainstream. I. Minimum Ages Many young people would like to work part-time. There are […]

New Jersey Alcohol Laws: Do You Know Them?

New Jersey alcohol laws may differ from those elsewhere. People need to know the laws. Breaking them can turn out badly. No one should have a criminal record by accident. But it is easy to run afoul of the law. Those of legal age might buy alcohol for those under 21. They may see this […]

Effectiveness of Brief Intervention for Heavy Drinkers

Effectiveness of Brief Intervention  Widely Shown The effectiveness of brief intervention has been widely studied. This analysis of the research evidence examined the results of 73 such studies. All focused on alcohol use among heavy drinking college students. All of the studies examined the effectiveness of  brief interventions that were one session only. Each study […]

Marriage and Maturing Out of Heavy Drinking

Maturing out of heavy drinking by college students after they have graduated has been shown for many decades.1  The belief has been that assuming adult roles and the demands they pose cause graduates to reduce their former drinking patterns to perform their new roles. That is, role conflict leads to the change.2,3 It would appear […]

Alcohol and the Perception of Beauty: Beer Goggles Effect?

Alcohol and the perception of beauty. Are they related? Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time?  mused Mickey Gilley in his hit song. The lyrics he sang suggested that the prospect of spending the night alone was the cause. The song expressed amusement at “the way a man’s opinions change as he starts […]

24/7 Sobriety Program Reduce Drunk Driving and Save Lives

The 24/7 Sobriety Program In 2005, South Dakota launched a new approach to reducing drunk driving. It was led by the state’s Attorney General at the time, Larry Long. It’s the 24/7 sobriety program. The problem of drunk driving was enormous. Over one in five residents admitted to driving while intoxicated. And three of every […]

Surprising Effects of Drugs on Driving Safety

Driving  requires doing many things at the same time. It also requires dealing with the unexpected. It’s important to know the effects of drugs on driving safety. They  can either reduce or enhance driving ability. Alphabetical Listing. Amphetamine Caffeine Cannabis (Marijuana) Carisoprodol and Meprobamate Cocaine Dextromethorphan Diazepam Diphenhydramine Ethanol (Beverage Alcohol) Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and its […]

Drinking Patterns Consuming Alcohol Across the Life Cycle

Drinking patterns generally change over the life cycle. But exactly how do they change? How consistent are they?  Do drinking patterns differ between men and women and, if so, how? The goal of this study was to determine typical drinking patterns over the life cycle. It analyzed data from nine prospective cohorts in the U.K. […]

We Save Lives: Drugged, Distracted, and Drunken Driving

We Save Lives educates the public and policy makers about the dangers of the 3D’s. These are  Drugged, Distracted, and Drunken driving. It is led by the pioneering founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Candy Lightner. We’ve made great progress in reducing alcohol-related traffic fatalities since 1980. That’s when Ms. Lightner began raising public awareness of […]

Drugged Driving: A Major, Widespread Problem

Drugged driving. Is it really a problem? The dangers of driving while intoxicated have been widely understood for 35 years. But the dangers of drugged driving remain almost totally unrecognized. This leads to the needless deaths of thousands of people each year in drugged driving-related crashes. The problem is not simply that of illegal drug […]

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