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Cora F. Stoddard (Head, Scientific Temperance Federation).

Cora F. Stoddard was a leading proponent of temperance and National Prohibition of alcohol. She served for 30 years as the head of the Scientific Temperance Federation. Ms. Stoddard was the personal secretary of Mary Hunt. Hunt was founding head of the Department of Scientific Temperance Instruction in Schools and Colleges. That was an important …

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D. Leigh Colvin (David Leigh Colvin) Prohibition Candidate

D. Leigh Colvin

David Leigh Colvin, usually known as D. Leigh Colvin, was born in Ohio in 1880. He was the son of David Taylor Colvin and Maria Larkin Colvin. In 1906 he married Mamie White, who became politically active in the temperance movement. She was Prohibition Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York in 1918. The …

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Dr. Thomas Sewall (Temperance Activist & Grave Robber)

Dr. Thomas Sewall was no ordinary doctor. And he was no ordinary temperance activist either. Sewall was born on April 16, 1786 in Hallowell, Maine. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1812. His major contribution to the temperance movement was his highly popular eight graphic drawings. He said they showed “alcohol diseased stomachs.”  Sewall …

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Harold D. Wilson: Harold “Three Gun” Wilson, Prohibition Agent 

Harold D. Wilson

The federal Prohibition Bureau appointed Harold D. Wilson Director of its Massachusetts office in June of 1921. However, the office was reorganized six weeks later and he became Deputy Director. Nevertheless, he remained a highly motivated Prohibition agent. Indeed, a newspaper described Wilson as a “hard-boiled, hard-hitting, Bible-quoting, relentless, dedicated prohibition agent.”1 A minister explained …

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Ernest Cherrington: Temperance Leader

alcohol from 1890 to

Ernest Cherrington was a leader in the Anti-Saloon League (ASL) and temperance movement. He was also an important temperance writer and journalist. Cherrington was born in 1877 in Hamden, Ohio.  After attending Ohio Wesleyan he taught school. However, he became increasingly concerned over the consumption of alcoholic beverages. He believed reflected a moral decline in …

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Mary Hunt: Temperance Leader Mary H. Hunt

women leaders of temperance

Mary H. Hunt (Mary Hanchet Hunt) was born in 1830 and died in 1906. The amazing Mary Hunt became the single most powerful woman in the U.S. promoting temperance and prohibition. This is her incredible story that influences us even today. I. Amazing Story of Mary Hunt Ms. Hunt’s amazing story of success began in …

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Wine Fraud: An Increasingly Serious Problem: Watch Out!

Wine Fraud Isn’t New. France has long been the center of wine fraud. And within France, the Bordeaux region has been the center of dishonesty. Historically, French vintners often sold Algerian wine as French wine at much higher prices. Sometimes the wine came from Morocco or Tunisia. After the early 20th century, Spanish wine often …

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Wilbur F. Crafts and His International Reform Bureau

Wilbur F. Crafts was a self-styled “Christian lobbyist.” He formed the International Reform Bureau in 1895. Crafts led it for 28 years until his death in 1922. I. Wilbur F. Crafts Best known as a prohibition leader, Crafts also opposed movies and promoted their heavy censorship by government. The motion picture industry feared his Reform …

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Percy Andreae (Leader in Anti-Prohibition Movement in U.S.)

Percy Andreae

Percy Andreae was a major leader against alcohol prohibition in the U.S. Andreae was born on October 31, 1858 in London, England. After moving to the U.S., he became allied with brewers in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1908, state candidates supported by the Ohio Anti-Saloon League (ASL) had great victories. As a result, Andreae organized a …

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Famous Alcoholics (You’ll be Surprised at Some Names!)

Anyone can be alcoholic. It’s not just the skid row wino. There are many very famous alcoholics. This list isn’t limited to famous alcoholics. It also includes the infamous, rich, powerful, and influential. (By the way, be sure to visit Alcoholic Athletes and also Famous People Arrested for Drunk Driving.) It’s important to recognize the …

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