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Alcohol Licensing Policies and Alcohol-Related Crimes

Excessive drinking can contribute to social problems. These include the disruption of public order, violence, and sexual crimes. Can  local alcohol licensing policies reduce alcohol-related crimes? The Study Researchers studied the impact of local licensing restrictions on the spatial and/or temporal availability of alcohol in England. They categorized each local area according to its licensing …

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Neal Dow: Prohibition Leader and Maine Law Author

Neal Dow played a major role in promoting prohibition. Under his leadership, the Main Law was passed in 1851. It prohibited making or selling any form of alcoholic beverage. Alcohol could only be legally made and sold for industrial or medicinal purposes. Before that time, temperance activists focused on moral suasion. They attempted to persuade …

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Bootlegger in Congress: ‘The Man in the Green Hat,’ George Cassiday

A bootlegger in Congress? During National Prohibition (1920-1933) it was illegal to transport or sell alcoholic beverages. Most members of Congress publicly supported Prohibition and its enforcement. They included both Democrats and Republicans. They came from across the country. From East, West, North and South. They came from both rural areas and cities. But most …

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