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Alcohol and Cognitive Function in Ageing: Can Drinking Alcohol Help?

alcohol and cognitive function

The relation between drinking alcohol and cognitive function in ageing (or aging) is important. Most people drink and most look forward to mentally active ageing. But is there a connection between the two? I. The Study Researchers wanted to learn the answer. Therefore, they looked at participants drawn from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). …

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Drinking Reduces Alzheimer’s: This Might Help Explain Why It Does

alcohol and rheumatoid arthritis

Research has shown that alcohol drinking reduces Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other causes of dementia. This has long been true. Recently, research has implicated plaques in the brain in causing AD. And a cause of such plaques are beta-amyloid peptides. These are short links of amino acids. OK, so this isn’t a chemistry class. The …

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Alcohol Lowers Dementia Risk Nearly 40% (Discover More!)

drinking and dementia

Millions of people suffer from dementia. It’s a cruel disease for both the victims and their loved ones. Fortunately, there’s much scientific evidence that drinking alcohol lowers dementia risk. The following study found the decrease to be much lower. The Study Researchers studied 3,069 community-living adults. They were aged 75 years and older without dementia …

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Effects of Alcohol on Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks (Health Facts)

alcohol and cancer risk

I. Research: Effects of Alcohol on Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks. Researchers examined the effects of alcohol on risk of strokes and heart attacks. To do so they studied data from 204,557 participants in the NHIS-National Sample Cohort. That’s a sample representative of the South Korean population. The investigators looked at biennial health exam findings …

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Alcohol and Memory vs Water and Memory: You Might be Surprised

Can simply the belief that you have consumed alcohol affect your memory of an event? We know that alcohol and memory are connected. But so are water and memory. People who think they are drinking alcohol don’t perform as well as others on memory tests. Even when they’re only drinking tonic water with absolutely no …

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Intoxication and Memory: Are Intoxicated People More Accurate Witnesses?

legal proof about intoxication

Drink to Remember? Some people drink to forget. But it might be smarter sometimes to drink to remember. Researchers have long studied intoxication and memory. But the findings can conflict with “common sense.” A British study of witnesses illustrates this. It shows that witnesses to a crime who drink afterward remembered details better than sober …

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Legal Drinking Age: Science vs. Ideology Battle Continues

Some Assumptions Debate over the legal drinking age continues. It’s largely between scientific findings and ideological beliefs. Underlying current minimum age laws are the assumptions of American prohibitionism. Drinking alcohol is dangerous and undesirable. Consuming any amount  of alcohol is equally undesirable. Moderate social drinking is the forerunner of chronic inebriation. Drinking typically results in problem …

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Alcohol Harms Teen Brains: Effects of Drinking

alcohol kills brain cells

We often hear that alcohol harms teen brains. Does drinking in adolescence harm brain growth? Will having alcohol before age 21 cause brain damage? Does underage drinking retard mental development? Government agencies, activist groups, and news  reports warn us that drinking alcohol harms teen brains. The Evidence that Alcohol Harms Teen Brains The evidence comes …

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Risk of Brain Atrophy Reduced by Drinking Alcohol

The risk of brain atrophy is reduced by drinking in moderation. The alcohol can be in the form of wine, beer, or spirits. Brain Atrophy Brain diseases commonly cause brain or cerebral shrinkage or atrophy. That is, a loss of cells. In brain atrophy there is a loss of neurons and the connections between them. …

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Does Alcohol Reduce Death from Traumatic Brain Injury?

Does alcohol reduce death from traumatic brain injury? It has long appeared that having alcohol can reduce death from traumatic brain injury if it is in the bloodstream at the time of injury. Researchers decided to review the existing medical evidence. Review They searched eight major databases covering a 13 year period. They looked for …

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