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Drinking and Stomach Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know about Alcohol and the Disease

Many people are concerned about alcohol drinking and stomach cancer. Does drinking alcohol cause stomach cancer? And will drinking increase the risk of getting the disease? I. Alcohol Not a Risk Fortunately, the moderate drinking of alcohol is not a risk factor for developing stomach or gastric cancer. Major medical organizations have made this conclusion […]

Drinking Alcohol and Leukemia: Important Facts Everyone Should Know

There is medical agreement that alcohol is not a risk factor for leukemia (leukaemia). Organizations have analyzed the medical research on alcohol and leukemia. Consequently, they have concluded that drinking alcohol is not a risk factor for leukemia.  Among many others, these professional groups include the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia […]

Drinking Alcohol and Testicular Cancer: Important Facts

Alcohol and testicular cancer is a subject of concern to many men. It’s also a concern of their partners. In addition, people fear cancer. They also fear problems with their genitals. So people especially fear cancer of their genitals. I. Alcohol and Testicular Cancer Drinking alcoholic beverages does not increase the risk of developing testicular cancer. […]

Alcohol and Liver Disease: Effects of Drinking May Surprise

Are moderate drinking of alcohol and liver disease connected? Drinking in moderation is not a risk factor for any liver disease. That is, it doesn’t increase the chance of getting any liver disease. On the other hand, drinking in moderation reduces the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I. Liver Diseases A. NAFLD Non-alcoholic fatty […]

Thyroid Cancer Risk Reduced by Drinking Alcohol

I. Drinking Alcohol Reduces Thyroid Cancer Risk Doctors made a country-wide population-based case-control study in New Caledonia. Both men and women who drank alcohol had a lower thyroid cancer risk among. Data from almost one-half million (490,000) men and women found that increased drinking decreased the risk of thyroid cancer. Similarly, epidemiologists studied women in […]

Male Breast Cancer Risk and Drinking Alcohol

Male breast cancer? When people think of breast cancer, they virtually always think of  it in women. But men also get the disease. Thousands are diagnosed with it in the U.S. every year. A lump beneath the surface of the nipple is the most common symptom of breast cancer in men. There may be changes […]

Risk of Ovarian Cancer & Drinking Alcohol

The risk of ovarian cancer is not linked to drinking alcohol even at high levels of consumption. Ovarian cancer is a very serious disease. It is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in women in the U.S. But if detected early, the five-year survival rate is about 93%. The most common symptoms of […]

Breast Cancer Prevention: Drinking Alcohol

Breast cancer prevention is associated with drinking alcohol? Moderate drinking was linked to prevention of  breast cancer prevention in this study. Doctors studied two hundred and fifty breast cancer patients and 250 controls. Data collection was by face-to-face interviews. The data collected included demographic, clinical, lifestyle, diet, and drinking patterns. Drinking was categorized as follows. […]

Risk of Endometrial Cancer Reduced by Drinking Alcohol: Alcoholic Beverages Protective against Uterine Cancer

Study: Risk of Endometrial Cancer The risk of endometrial cancer is lowered by drinking  in moderation. This study looked at drinking and risk of endometrial cancer. It followed 68,067 women who were age 35-59 at the start of the study. The doctors did  for 30 years. They also measured the women’s alcohol consumption during that […]

Breast Cancer in African-American Women: Is Alcohol a Risk Factor for Black Women?

The risk of breast cancer in African-American women is slightly lower than among white women. But black women are more likely to have aggressive forms of breast cancer. They are also more likely to develop the disease at an earlier age. So, the risk of breast cancer in African-American women is more serious than for […]

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