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Alcohol Amnesty Policies (Medical Amnesty) Save College Student Lives.

prevent alcohol poisoning

College Emergency Alcohol Amnesty Policies College policies for medical emergency alcohol amnesty are widespread. They place protecting the health and safety of students as a college’s very highest priority. These policies have one primary goal. It’s to protect the health and lives of students who over-consume alcohol and need medical help. It assuring them that …

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Liquor Bans on College Campuses: New Distilled Spirits Policies

Liquor Bans on College Campuses Some institutions of higher education have imposed new alcohol policies. These policies establish liquor bans on college campuses. The policies now restrict the possession or consumption of distilled spirits. Often called liquor, distilled spirits are vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila and other distilled beverages. These policies are well-intentioned. They’re an …

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