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Drinking Alcohol Sex and Violence (What You Didn’t Know)

drinking alcohol sex and violence

What is the role of drinking alcohol sex and violence? Does alcohol disinhibit? Is intoxication ever a valid excuse for rape or violence? Sexual arousal, aggression, domestic and other violence, and rape are often blamed on the influence of alcohol and intoxication. Surprisingly, what people THINK my be more important than what they DRINK. Evidence …

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Normalizing Alcohol (Should We Normalize Alcohol?)

top alcoholism treatment

Critics of alcohol advertising often argue that it’s normalizing alcohol drinking. So what’s wrong with normalizing drinking? There’s nothing at all wrong with normalizing alcohol unless a person’s goal is eliminating drinking in favor of forced abstinence. The hatchet-wielding Carrie Nation would have opposed normalizing alcohol. The Prohibition Party (yes, it still exists) would oppose it. The …

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